Fulcrum’s expertise, and new CEO, feature in Money Marketing

The Fulcrum Group and our new CEO, Peter Gordon, feature prominently in the latest edition of Money Marketing, a leading publication for financial advisers.

Fulcrum Group CEO Peter Gordon
Fulcrum Group CEO Peter Gordon

In his profile Gordon, who recently took the helm at Fulcrum, is quizzed about a range of topics – from how he feels about his new position (“I am very excited about the role and looking forward to the challenge”), to how he ended up in the insurance industry (like many, almost by accident), to the differences between change and evolution within the industry, and the ongoing relevance of brokers.

In a separate FAQs article, Fulcrum answers leading questions about premium financing – a mechanism that allows businesses to fund their annual insurance premium payments and repay them monthly. This allows them to benefit from annual policies, without affecting their cash flow.

The article explains why premium financing is beneficial to both brokers and their clients, who can find value in such a facility, and whether or not the paperwork is onerous.

“At the end of the day,” we argue, “premium financing is an option that benefits brokers, insurers and policyholders alike. The set-up process is quick and simple, with minimal admin and paperwork required. Instead of asking: ‘Why should my client take out premium financing?’ brokers should rather be asking: ‘Why shouldn’t they?’”

To read the two articles, please click on the attachments below. Should you wish to read the entire edition of Money Marketing, click here – Gordon’s profile is on p4, and the FAQs article is on p24.