Ruann Coleman: Suzanne Shaw exhibition artist

Artists find new and interesting ways to see and express themselves in the world through making and understanding, says artist Ruann Coleman.

Ruann Coleman. (Image supplied)
Ruann Coleman. (Image supplied)

In December 2016, Fulcrum launched the Suzanne Shaw Creative Award for young curators, which aims to contribute to the promotion of art and artists in South Africa. The award is named after Su Shaw, a passionate Fulcrum team member who was committed to the arts and who died tragically in a car accident in October 2015.

The inaugural award was won by Layla Leiman, who is busy putting together an exhibition entitled WORK:PLAY around the theme of seeing things differently.

WORK:PLAY runs at the Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery from 7 to 12 June 2017. It features six artists with distinct and differing creative approaches. Ruann Coleman is one of them ... 

Cape-Town-based Coleman graduated in 2014 with an Masters in Fine Art from the University of Stellenbosch. In 2015 he took up residency at the Centro Luigi Di Sarro in Rome, Italy, and has held solo exhibitions in Stellenbosch, Johannesburg and Rome.

His work explores notions of materiality and meaning in a series of controlled experiments and chance encounters.

“My practice is currently preoccupied with errors in observation through a study of binary principles – strong vs. weak, heavy vs. light, singular vs. multiple – in which I explore through the manipulation of found and manufactured materials,” he says.

“I think the concept of the WORK:PLAY show speaks to an interesting aspect in art-making that often gets omitted. Artists find new and interesting ways to see and express themselves in the world through making and understanding.“

Coleman says he explores materials because he is interested in what things are made of.

“When one plays with gold and foam, bends steel and cuts up measuring tapes, beautiful things start happening,” he says. “The variables don't always add up, and I like that." 

Coleman is represented by SMAC Gallery.

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