Plan for failure, Fulcrum’s IT head writes for FAnews

When it comes to cyber security, is planning for failure the only solution?

Andre van Rooyen.
(Photo by Fulcrum)
Andre van Rooyen.

Yes, argues the Fulcrum Group’s head of IT, Andre van Rooyen, in an article he has written for the October 2017 edition of FAnews.

Van Rooyen makes the point in the article that IT security in the workplace is not the responsibility alone of employees such as himself – it’s everyone’s. He likens a company network to a family home, which none of us would leave exposed.

“We build walls, keep our doors locked, install beams and panic buttons, check who is at the gate before we let them in and teach everyone in our homes about safety and security.

“Furthermore, we spend money every month on insurance to cover any financial losses we might face if our fortresses get breached, and we find ourselves compromised in any way,” he says.

“It is the same when it comes to a company network. We should never dream of leaving our networks exposed. We should build firewalls, keep our systems password-protected, install intruder detection software with alarms, vet anyone who wants to gain access to our systems, and teach everyone who has access to these systems about the importance of safety and security.

“Furthermore, we should also spend money every month on insurance to cover any financial losses we might face if our networks get breached and we find our data compromised in any way.”

The consequences of not having sufficient cyber security in place and then suffering a cyber attack are serious, he continues. 

“It is a big deal. If your company is found not to have taken the necessary steps to prevent this from happening it could mean hefty fines, not to mention the reputational damage you would suffer as a result. The consequences are dire. It is crucial for any business to have stringent protection measures in place, as well as comprehensive cyber insurance.”

Using the analogy of the shoemaker’s children having no shoes because he is too busy making shoes for others, Van Rooyen says: “There is a lesson from this for all of us, raising a big question for brokers to make sure that they themselves have cover in place for their own businesses, because it is not a case of ‘if’ any more, but rather ‘when’ you will be targeted by cyber criminals. Make sure your house is protected!

“Planning for failure is, indeed, the only solution,” he concludes.

To download and read Van Rooyen’s article, click here; it’s on page 74.