Anthea Moys: Suzanne Shaw exhibition artist

Working and playing are integral to her art-making process, says artist Anthea Moys.

Anthea Moys. (Image supplied)
Anthea Moys. (Image supplied)

In December 2016, Fulcrum launched the Suzanne Shaw Creative Award for young curators, which aims to contribute to the promotion of art and artists in South Africa. The award is named after Su Shaw, a passionate Fulcrum team member who was committed to the arts and who died tragically in a car accident in October 2015.

The inaugural award was won by Layla Leiman, who is busy putting together an exhibition entitled WORK:PLAY around the theme of seeing things differently.

WORK:PLAY runs at the Candice Berman Fine Art Gallery from 7 to 12 June 2017. It features six artists with distinct and differing creative approaches. Anthea Moys is one of them …

Moys is an award-winning artist, teacher, play facilitator, public speaker, constant learner and bad singer. In 2008 she completed her Masters at Wits with a focus on play and performance in public space. She has participated in intensely creative projects in South Africa, Italy, Denmark and Germany. 

Currently Moys is activations director for The Coloured Cube. She lives, learns, works and plays in Johannesburg.

“Working and playing are integral to my art-making process – both in theory and in practice,” she says. “I look forward to investigating them further with fellow players as one of the participating artists in this exciting show!”

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